Quality Life While Studying At American University in Bulgaria

American University in Bulgaria

Once you as a student arrive in Bulgaria, there are certain helpful pieces of advice that must be taken care of while living and continuing your studies at American University in Bulgaria. Make sure you do not miss out on this blog, as the useful information provided herein has been collected by the qualified abroad education consultant at GroupL Education, and this can truly be helpful for you.

Pharmacies and Doctors

In Bulgaria, you will receive varied options for the medical treatment, and getting medication from the pharmacy is quite easy too. However, for some of the specific medicines, make sure you have a doctor’s prescription.
Like, for the toothache, visit a dentist. Private dentists and the prices in Bulgaria differ, but they are all reasonable with respect to the service offered by them.

If there is an event of an emergency, call 112. The number is completely free of charge, and it is valid in almost every Bulgarian territory and in the Netherlands too. So, even if you are confused about choosing programs for study in Netherlands or Bulgaria, remember that the emergency number remains common. Furthermore, even using an ambulance during an emergency is entirely free.

Shop and Save

Being one of the European countries, one can easily find various shops and brands in Bulgaria. Here, you will also get huge discounts, making you have a product at a good price. Furthermore, the Bulgarian shops and markets for the foods also offer weekly promotions and huge discounts, and this definitely is a lifesaver, especially for students in Bulgaria or planning to study in Netherlands.


Bulgarian telephone numbers are under the open dialing plan, which is similar to Austria and Germany. The calling code of the country is +359. Apart from it, there are in total 3 operators working in Bulgaria. So, as soon as you land at the American University in Bulgaria, choose between operators (Telenor, A1, and Vivacom) and purchase the Bulgarian sim that comes with mobile Wi-Fi and free minutes. As a student, you can even sign a phone contract or plan to use the prepaid plans.


No matter whether you study in Netherlands or Bulgaria, you will have a strong internet connection. However, Bulgaria, in specific, has one of the world’s fastest public Wi-Fi.

You can easily lookout for a local finder who will be able to connect to the internet at your home. Also, many students that recently got their admission through GroupL Education, a trustworthy abroad education consultant, suggest that they, along with many other students, just use the phone Wi-Fi. The connection is quite fast and strong. So, the choice is entirely yours.

Driver License in Bulgaria for Foreigners

The driver’s license of a citizen would remain valid in Bulgaria if the same has been issued by either of the EU member state or EEA or Switzerland, or any of the countries that did ratify the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic. Furthermore, one must be 18 years and above to be able to drive on the roads of Bulgaria.

In case you are a non-EU citizen, the driving license wouldn’t be valid in Bulgaria. However, you will be able to drive like a tourist in Bulgaria for at 3 months using an international driver’s permit. Once the period begins, it is also important to start the driving course, and to obtain the driving license, it is important to register at the approved driving school. The time spent therein must be 40 hours with theoretical instruction and must have 31 actual driving lessons (50 minutes for each).

The long-term foreign residence may be able to drive the motor vehicles on a license that isn’t issued by the EU member state but only if the other country is a party to Agreement on the European Economic Area or Switzerland, for up to 1 year from the entry date, in Bulgaria.

If you exchanged motor vehicle driving license previously in any other EU member state, you would be able to drive in Bulgaria on the valid national driving license that you will be holding.

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The above-mentioned data has been collected after a lot of research by the GroupL Education professionals. We assure you we are dedicated to helping every single approach and pointing them in the right direction. So, if you are looking for a reliable abroad education consultant, we can assure the time you spend with us in one session will be more than what you expected in terms of resourcefulness.
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