Best Medical Universities to Study in Bulgaria

Study in Bulgaria

Researching the best places for continuing medical study in Europe, Bulgaria, must have definitely popped up on the radar. Well, to be honest, you might be questioning when there are so many choices, and admission in abroad universities can be taken anywhere around the world, then why Bulgaria?

You might not believe it, but when taking admission in abroad universities, Bulgaria is the top destination and a highly recommended country for the medical students and the medical expert. The country is even more famous than Italy and Germany. Now, you might question which is the best university for taking the admission, and it is due to that reason that we have prepared this article to provide some important information to you before you seek any help or look for any university. Just go ahead and keep reading. You will be able to get many answers to the question you have in your head.

Which is the Best Medical University to Study in Bulgaria?

If looking at the research and the reviews, there are some Bulgarian universities that rank on top. In order to ease your processes, we have even included a few names. Just keep reading ahead to know more about the universities available for you to study in Bulgaria.

University of Sofia St Kliment Ohridski

This university was founded in 1888, and it is one of the oldest universities in the country. However, the old age of it, it isn’t just for the show. As per the rankings provided by the QS World University Rankings, it is among 4% of the top universities in the world.

University of Sofia St Kliment Ohridski, it isn’t just focused on the medicine, but the medical program offered by it is definitely well-renowned for the international students. What makes the course more appreciable is its availability in English.

Sofia Medical University

It is the 2nd medical school in Sofia that was founded in the year 1917. It is considered one of the prestigious medical schools located in Bulgaria.
Every single year, the university accepts 400 international students within the English language medicine program and 80 for the English dentistry course.
The school begins for the international students in October, and it ends in May. The semester break comes in February, and the university also accepts the transfer students.

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Trakia University

The university is located in Stara Zagora. It is one of the few Bulgarian universities offering veterinary medicine courses in the English language. Even after the small size of it, with only 600 students, the university has been equipped with all that is needed for teaching the doctors and vets of the future.
Furthermore, the city of Stara Zagora, it is quite an ideal place for the students who do prefer a quiet town with the rich history.

Plovdiv Medical University

Even though the city is much smaller than the Sofia, the medical university of Plovdiv isn’t one to be underestimated. As of now, they boast the biggest medical library within Bulgaria, with its Central University Library that offers 170,000 volumes and the access to the tools like Microdex and Medline.
For the international medical students, the Plovdiv medical school offers the courses in medicine, pharmacy, and dentistry that are taught in English. It also offers students with the access to the research labs and state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment.

Admission in Aboard Universities- Why Study in Bulgaria?

Before you take admission in abroad universities, do know what it offers.
• The courses are taught in English (pre-med to the internship).
• The universities are full-accredited with the degrees that are recognized internationally.
• Tuition fees are low, and so are the living expenses.
• Most universities do not ask for A-levels or the pre-med education from colleges.
• Universities are old and carry rich history.

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