Study In Bulgaria To Make A Successful Move In Career

Study In Bulgaria

Study in Bulgaria might not be one of the popular choices, but students seem to speak quite highly of the universities and educational system therein. With increased mobility, and the links between the higher education system of Bulgaria and universities from around Europe, it has provided diversity ad led towards a stronger foundation for building a future.

The education system of Bulgaria got recognized in the mid-90s’ after the communist regime’s fall. With time, students increased, and so did the quality of education. Since 2007 that Bulgaria became a European Union member and Bulgarian higher education degrees, they got recognized by the EU member states.

At present, the educational institutions related to Study in Bulgaria program have colleges, universities, and specialized education schools. All these institutions are responsible and autonomous with proper Bulgarian accreditation, while some have double accreditation from foreign institutions. So, irrespective of which field you wish to pursue ahead, it is quite guaranteed that the study in Austria from Pakistan will be a great move toward your career ahead. However, before you do, make sure give read to the below-mentioned.

Study in Bulgaria- Reasons to move ahead

  1. Lower living and tuition costs
    Studying and living in Bulgaria, it is affordable, as per the students and the abroad education consultants‘ research. In specific, if you are coming from one of the developed countries or if you might compare the costs from other top destinations, you will realize to study here is the best decision of yours.

The public universities, international students are just required to pay fees between 300 to 3850 EUR per academic year. Some of the disciplines, like Pharmacy and Medicine, are just exceptions. It might cost up to the amount of 7000 EUR every year. In consideration of the living costs, it will just be 300 to 500 EUR every month.

  1. A great place for the Entrepreneurs

    If you plan to be a business-oriented student, Bulgaria, for you will be a great destination. You will for sure learn how to make that difference within the world.

Some reasons, as per an Abroad education consultant, to study and start the company in Bulgaria are,
• High purchasing power.
• Varied projects and options to fund the start-ups.
• Launching and operating the start-up faster and in an affordable manner.

  1. Bulgaria, a beautiful country
    From the wonderful beaches to century-old buildings in Bulgaria, there is plenty to look at if you choose to study in Bulgaria as part of your next move. Some top places to visit are Rila Monastery, Vitosha, Cape Kaliakra, etc.

Abroad Education Consultant Suggestions- Colleges and Universities to choose from
Some of the Bulgarian universities that have been recommended by our top abroad education consultants are,
• New Bulgarian University
• American University in Bulgaria
• Sofia University St. KlimentOhridski
• Varna University of Management, etc.

All you need to do is, make a pick, look for the general application requirements, and move ahead with further processes.

Some of the general requirements for application to study in Bulgaria are,

• Application form in complete with a validated copy of the high school diploma of the applicant.

• The photocopy of the passport or the identity card of the applicant.

• Applicant’s four recent photographs.

• Medical certificate that has been issued not more than a month before the procedure of application, etc.

Note that the criteria for admissions vary between the universities. You might also be required to take an entrance exam or file some additional documents. So, go ahead and find out more about the university of your pick and its requirements instead of waiting until the last minute.

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