How To Prepare For Getting Admission in the UK Universities For MBBS?

MBBS, it is one of the most competitive courses one can choose to pursue in the UK. Most national and international students prefer it as it comes with the highest education standards. Further, by the end of the course, the students get a solid degree from international and reputed universities/medical colleges with the best practical and theoretical knowledge that can make a successful career record for the medical professionals. However, to get admission in abroad universities, it can be quite a daunting task, and one needs to be doing their best to prove that they have the drive and brains for an amazing career within health services.

To take care of the above-mentioned and do our best to get admission to the top universities/colleges, there are some practical steps one can follow to prepare for admission within UK Universities for MBBS. These steps are thoroughly researched and then presented below by the abroad education consultants of GroupL Education. Make sure to look into it properly to do your best.

Do Not Be Too Modest

As per abroad education consultants at GroupL Education, the personal statement must give evidence that one has qualities needed by the trainee doctor. The universities, they look for hands-on, direct experience in helping the disabled, ill, disadvantaged or distressed people. Also, the voluntary and work experience, one must show the evidence of it and work-life balance for demonstrating the ability for coping with conflicting demands on time.

Further, the medical career involves working in a team. So, give examples of teamwork, including the times you have played the junior role in any project, etc. Throughout the application, make sure you demonstrate an understanding of what it would mean to be a 21st-century doctor.

Draw the Shortlist of the Top Medical Schools

Ensure you are prepared fully with thorough research. Draw the list and then try to visit the schools to get a feel of the place. Even talking to the students and getting a proper look around the city and campus for 5 years would be a long time to be somewhere which you wouldn’t like. If you cannot make the visit, check the website and see what the other students are saying about the college, education and the environment around you. Also, see if the university has been making a sufficient effort for coming and seeing the students in the home country of yours.

Aim AAB in A-Levels

Some med schools offering abroad graduate programs, like UCLan, they can afford to have a screening of all the applications which would fail to meet up the listed entry requirements. This is why it is vital you remain perfect across the board. So, if you are making an application for the Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery, you will have to focus on getting AAB in the A levels or at least the equivalent of it. Also, do not neglect the English language standardized test if that is applicable. Aim for at least 7.0 in all IELTS categories.

In order to get admission in abroad universities, the students need to clear MCAT/UCAT examination too. Make sure you are sure about choosing the program before you give the exams, as the fee for doing MBBS in the UK is £22,500- £35,500, per annum. Now, this might seem a little high, but the quality of education makes it worth it.

Intern/Volunteer at Local Hospital

It would be a great advantage if you could have certain experiences at the hospital. The care setting or the hospital surgery, either of them will give you the valuable 1st hand experience of what exactly it is to be a doctor. 

If you have tried to apply for the work experience and couldn’t get any, do not worry. Go ahead and try some community-related work or voluntary work, as this, too, would be counted for.

Avoid Late Applications

Like the other subjects, which are more flexible, the med schools remain oversubscribed, and so they will make you wait for a year if you wish the round for the current year. Usually, the applications begin by October, all through UCAS (UK University and College Application Service).

Written Reference through Favourite Teacher

When applying for abroad graduate programs, you will need the academic reference, well-written by a member of staff from your college or school, to support the application. The character reference wouldn’t be sufficient, and so if you aren’t currently in education, you must ask the past academic supervisor.

Remain Prepared to Fly to the UK for Interview

Now, some abroad graduate programs offering universities offer the chance to have interviews elsewhere, but herein, it is most likely for you to travel to the UK for your interview. It will allow you to look at the school first-hand and meet the team. Universities like UCLan, they offer MMIs (Multiple Mini Interviews) that most of the medical schools feel to offer an opportunity to the applicant for demonstrating their range of skills and their attitude.

Final Words

Even though the above seems sufficient, there is no end to the list of work and the requirements one must fulfil when applying for the abroad graduate programs. This is why hiring an abroad education consultant can be the right choice; after all, they take care of all the requirements and ensure that you do not miss one that can affect your application. 

So, if you are on the lookout for someone who can help you through, GroupL Education abroad education consultants are here for you. All you need to do is connect with us, and we assure you wouldn’t miss any opportunities or requirements that are expected from your end when making an application for admission in abroad universities. Connect today for more.