Useful Professional Networking Tips To Know About During Your Study in UK Program

Millennials are always quick to learn technical skills. However, within this digital era, wherein automation and robotics continue to disrupt the labor market, acquiring the soft skills that are much-needed, it is the only way for gaining the edge over the machines and the competition. Also, networking today has become a very important and high-in-demand skill for employability. Probably this is why we keep hearing about networking’s importance, every now and then. However, do we understand the importance of it within our career progression during or after study in the UK?

As per a survey by LinkedIn, around 85% of the critical jobs remain filled through business/professional networking. Even before jobs get posted online, they get filled either through a referral from a trusted source or internally. The fresh graduates, therefore, need to understand the importance of networking, and that it is not just about meeting many people, it is instead about meeting the right ones; people who are well-connected, part of our field, and can vouch for one’s ability or refer one to the potential employers.

In case you are one of the international students who is there to study in UK, make sure to start networking even before you start your session within the university. You can join different work-related and educational social media groups as soon as you get admission. Also, make sure you remain active here. Further, after heading to university, ensure to attend the specific events outside and within the campus for further interaction with the trade experts, students, and alumni. It will be quite crucial that you grow the professional and personal network to make yourself visible among the professors, potential employers, and peers and then increase your chances of securing the best internship or even a job or the Tier 2 sponsorship.

Considering the above, this article is one of GroupL Education in-depth researched written to offer you the right information regarding professional networking tips. Read ahead and implement it better.

University Networking

  • Participation Within Institutional Events and Departmental Activities

Admission in abroad universities isn’t the end of troubles and the beginning of all best. Yes, it is, but you need to do your best to create a space for yourself. Now, to do that, you must know that your professionals are quite connected within the industry. So, make sure to remain attentive and even participate in the class to get noticed and build the rapport.

Hosts seminars and events related to the field or go ahead and collaborate with the other departments in the campus for co-hosting events.

  • Become Part of Student Organizations

Sign up for either one or multiple to socialize. Then build the way for becoming the organizing committee member. It will look good on your resume and will offer better networking opportunities too.

  • Involvement with the University Clubs

Become a member of Engineering, Marketing, Finance, etc., clubs and the unions as per your interest and major. It is a great way to connect students from different professional and cultural backgrounds with common interests. It will help to adjust to university and have like-minded individuals.

  • Socializing with Classmates

Make friends, especially if you guys share common ground. Who knows, friends made during abroad graduate programs turn into future business contacts.

  • Connection with Alumni

Reach the professor or career cell of the university. Enquire about alumni and connect with them through LinkedIn, building a business network.

  • Reach out to the Career Cell

These cells play a crucial role within your abroad graduate programs as they help with locating internships and jobs for the campus placements. They remain in touch with industrial establishments and firms and work all throughout the year to facilitate contacts of companies and graduates.

Even try attending career guidance programs like resume writing, group discussions, and mock interviews, to excel at the job interviews, while you study in the UK.

Networking- Outside University 

  • Leveraging LinkedIn

The Internet is a powerful tool to stay connected with all. So, by leveraging LinkedIn, you will be finding jobs, maintaining a professional portfolio, and connecting with people within a similar industry. LinkedIn also recently introduced Events Hub. This tool helps one in joining and creating professional events, having conversations with attendees, and inviting connections. In short, it is a medium to network one must not miss.

  • Joining Closed Groups

Do it as it offers great opportunities. These groups have people with a shared interests and specific professions. Now, remember, the primary purpose is to share information and ideas. You can even join community groups that are great for building professional relationships and business networking.

  • Attending Conferences

Integrate yourself into the business community that is around by attending the industry conferences within the chosen field. There you will be able to find different trade associations that host conferences all around the year for discussing future and current trends that are specific to your expertise areas. At such conferences, you will meet with people who are quite active within your work line after the abroad graduate programs.

Final Words

Being an international student isn’t just about studying but also about leveraging opportunities and building a network. It helps in landing better jobs and getting a competitive edge.

If you need further guidance about the business networking nuances, make sure to reach out to GroupL Education. We are an education consultancy service provider who can support you with everything, including networking, career guidance, interview, personalized interaction, advice for a post-study work visa, etc.

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