What Are The Various Housing Options In The UK?

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Choosing the right accommodation can be quite an overwhelming experience, especially when it is one’s first time trying to live away from home. This is why it becomes important to look into varied factors like budget, location, and the number of people, and consider them before starting to live in a place. So, if you are stuck with the question of what housing options are available and which one to choose, get through the below-mentioned content and learn about some of the popular choices that are available out there.

Housing Options in the UK

1. Halls of Residence

This accommodation type is generally opted for by the 1st year students. They are managed normally by the universities and are usually located on the campus or within the same city or town as that of the university. It is due to it that they have become one of the convenient choices for commuting in.
In this housing option, one gets to have their personal room but has to share some of the spaces, including the bathrooms and kitchens. Further, one gets to live with many 1st year students, and they might not be on the same course but remember, this is a great way to make good friends. Further, it is a great step to live away from home and get the chance to be independent without having to be worried about utility bills and landlords.
● It is not a hassle to start university life with this type of accommodation.
● The halls are a great place for living, especially when it comes to a student’s life’s social aspects.
● Halls are managed by society, and this offers extra support to the ones who need it.
● Just like pros, there are also cons like, one doesn’t get much of a choice in regards to who they live with, and it can get noisy at times.

2. Private Rentals

This is a housing type where one rents the house or the flat from the landlord or the letting agent. This is generally shared between friends or the students, and one gets the choice to live alone if personal space is required.

Not all universities might have enough space in terms of halls of residence. This is why one might find that this option can be best for one in the first year of college. So, if one is looking for a choice of private rentals, the universities can help to find a suitable place. At times they even have a list of the approved properties that are used by them regularly.

Most of the students might choose this option either in 2nd or 3rd year as by that time, it becomes easier to pick a place to live in, and also, one gets a bit familiar with the surroundings. Now, it can be expensive, but it offers one the choice of who they wish to live with and where one to live at.

● This mode of housing comes with more options with respect to the type of property that one chooses to rent.
● One gets the chance to live with friends and to live either close to the university or in an area that is close to the city center.
● Now, the budget of the students must be high when choosing this housing means as there will be bills, rent, and deposit. One might even have to deal with the landlord while managing all the problems oneself.

3. Private Student Halls

These are similar to the halls of residence. However, they are managed by organizations. In this type of accommodation, the organizations accommodate students from varied universities. So, this is one great way to expand the social circle and do better.

Here, one will have their own room, and there will be shared communal spaces with the other people. At times one might even find the studio flats available at an additional cost. Further, some of the private halls even have cool features like the saunas and cinema halls.

Make sure you check on the upfront cost and whether or not the utility bills are included within the accommodation type before making a choice of this accommodation type.
● The halls have been designed as well as built by keeping the students in mind.
● One gets to meet different people from different cultures.
● The halls are well-equipped and normally modern.
● The con here is that the place can be noisy, come with a little bit of extra cost, and one doesn’t have any say over who they wish to live with.

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4. Homestay

In this accommodation type, one gets to rent the room with a local family, especially if one is looking for some sort of comfort while continuing to study.
The host families get inspected as well as approved by the end of the university so that one can be confident of getting into a safe environment. University also assures to take the preferences of the students about who they wish to stay with before the place is offered.

Homestays, they are generally catered, and the meals get shared with family. It can therefore be a great option for the student who wishes to practice their English skills and try to experience the day-to-day life of a British citizen.
● The family environment is welcoming, and it can help a lot if one is living away from home for the first time.
● Meals are offered, and one gets to have a unique insight into the country’s culture.
● One might be required to abide by the family rules of the host, and it can become difficult to make new friends with the other students.

Final Words

If you are looking forward to the right accommodation but are unsure of which would be the best choice for you, our professionals at GroupL Education are here to help you. All you need to do is get in touch with us, and our friendly advisors, understanding your requirements, will be able to sort things out and offer you some best options for your stay while continuing your education abroad.
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