What Are The Various Challenges International Students Face While Studying Abroad?

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To study abroad, it is an exciting chapter in the life of a student. It is a unique experience that offers a perfect opportunity not just to travel but to meet new friends, learn a new language and get a world-class education. For a few others, to move to another country is not an easy transition, and there are many challenges on the way. It is taking into account that we have prepared this blog and tried including some of the common challenges which students get to face while they study abroad. We have even tried including ways to overcome those challenges. So, if you are a person who has been planning to study overseas, now is the time to get an insight and use it to your advantage. We at GroupL Education can assure, to know it in advance will help.

● Time Zone Struggle

When trying to travel and also to stay in between 2-time zones on opposite ends, it can be frustrating, especially when trying to be in touch with loved ones. It becomes essential to double-check the time suitability for the time zone and get into the habit of making phone calls, either early morning or late evening.

In order to deal with such a situation, after admission in abroad universities is necessary. One can do so by adding the relevant time zones within the timekeeping applications. Now, all one needs to do is to remember the time difference by memory. The earlier it’s done, the better it becomes to cope with the differences in time zone.

● Difficulty in managing finances

Irrespective of efforts for planning finances, keeping track of expenses, and making budgets, it becomes tough to manage expenses. Even if it is managed well, one ends up broke or saving less than expected. So, before opting for the job, just double-check the rules that are around the study visa for any country of your choice.

It is totally based upon the country of study that one gets limited with the type and the location of the work which one can take. So, check the campus classifieds and different job boards for job opportunities. One can even try to do freelance gigs or take upon part-time opportunities to manage the finances a little better.

● Challenges with language barriers

When visiting countries like the US, UK, and Australia, wherein English gets spoken as a 1st language, it might become difficult for overcoming language barriers. One might even find it a bit difficult to speak up fluent English or understand clearly what the natives say. Even the use of English phrases and words might differ in the countries where one plan for admission in abroad universities. There are some standard exams, including TOEFL, GRE, IELTS, and GMAT, which one will be required to clear right before one gets enrolled in a foreign university.

To match up with the accent, pace, and foreign countries’ tone might also become a lot more challenging. So, watch out and plan better.

● Feeling Depressed, Anxious, and Lonely

It isn’t easy to make friends in a new city, especially if one is shy or is an introvert. Admission in abroad universities comes with a new start with the activity and social clubs at universities. At some times, the mood might fluctuate during the study abroad programs. Assignments might get stressful. So, to treat the psychological state of mind, it becomes necessary just as it becomes necessary to take care of the body. In such situations, to keep calm, to be with some good friends, and to keep oneself busy with interesting activities would be right.

If needed, one can even take help from a psychologist or a counselor to talk about things that are leading one toward depression and anxiety.

● Unable to have the comfort food

It has been revealed by the studies that the drastic change in cuisine gets experienced by university students who opt to study in abroad universities. Now, food is a very huge part of any culture, and there definitely can be a massive difference in flavors and tastes of different food types. Now to be distanced from one’s comfort food can be quite difficult at times as food varies vastly from country to country, and this can act as a challenge, but to adjust and find another comfort would be necessary to survive.

● Lack in Opportunities

As per some of the education consultants like GroupL Education, lack in terms of career growth, it can be one major setback and a problem for transformational students as there are many students from around the world trying to compete and get the best offer. One might not be able to get a suitable opportunity, and the student visa might be on the verge of expiry. So, the lack of opportunity can act as a major problem if one doesn’t excel in what they are doing.

● Safety

It becomes one of the huge concerns when studying overseas. Not following the safety measures while abroad can cause one a lot of trouble. One might even come across fraud people who can easily trick one to land in trouble. This is why it is better to remain on the safe side by knowing the local language, buying the applicable insurance, remaining aware of the surroundings, etc.

As for the rest, apply for a study visa today, as you wouldn’t wish to miss any opportunity that comes on your way. In case you need any help, our professionals at GroupL Education are here to help you through it all. From applying to university to applying for a study visa of the country of your choice, we are here to help you through it all and assure you of timely and affordable help for sure. Connect today for more.