Flatmates You Meet During Study Abroad Bulgaria

To live in the halls as a 1st-year student or the shared flat in the 2nd or 3rd year, it can be quite interesting. You will be encountering varied personalities and the characters, which for sure you already did realize. Well, considering the same, this article has been prepared to provide information about the 6 types of the flatmates with which one can live for after choosing to study abroad Bulgaria.

1. Phantom Flatmates

Phantom flatmates are ones whose appearance during any social event or even during a normal dinner time can shock people and bring up questions like where have they been for so long? However, what’s interesting about them is that, they prefer the solitude, and they hide out in the room, trying to avoid all types of communal areas, at every cost, during their study in Austria in English program.
Phantom flatmates, they want to be on their own, even when they are struggling with something. So, at times, a friendly invitation is given to them for hanging out, it might make their day. In case they turn down the offer, you will at least have the satisfaction that you made an effort, and it was their choice if they wish to continue along the solitary ways.

2. Passive Aggressive Flatmates

These roommates are the ones who add the notes on the fridge, freezer, and the cupboard, or anyplace else. These kinds of flatmates you encounter during study abroad Bulgaria, they are quite serious with everything, and they wish others to know what is theirs, and they wouldn’t be okay if anyone else tried to take it or touch it.

3. Pro of Drinking Games

Study in Netherlands for Indian students and from other countries would also come in contact with kind of flatmates who are quite handy for the parties. These kinds of flatmates do know the rules for riding a bus, an avalanche, a ring of fire, and anything you can name it.
In simple terms, while you continue your study in Austria in English, you wouldn’t fall short of any ideas for getting pre-drinks when these flatmates are around. Believe it, they are the soul and life of the parties, and they know well how to make all involved.

4. Parent

They are the flat dad or mum. It is not easy to find them while you continue to study abroad Bulgaria, but once you find them, you keep on questioning what you would be doing without them.

These flatmates, during the study in Netherlands for Indian students and all other students, will always be ready with a glass of water or the paracetamol when one is feeling rough. They would also help others when they need to just talk to someone.

Now, they might not be that loud, but they are lively, reliable, great, and caring friends. You will feel quite lucky to have them around.

5. Midnight Snacker

These kinds of flatmates are easy to find while continuing study in Netherlands for Indian students or other students. They are the ones who always keep eating cereal, be it middle of the night or the day. Of course, this is what a midnight snack is, and the best is that when they raid the kitchen cupboards in the early hours, they give you the perfect opportunity to grab a bite or two or even more. They by no means know normal meal times, meaning and dinner for them is right after midnight.

6. Friend for Life

These flatmates are ones who one hopes to meet during their stay while continuing to study in Austria in English. Instantly you become friends with them, start to share their life stories and get to know all about one another, and start to hang out together too.
These friends for life are people who make your life at University full of amazing experiences.

Note that we all need someone by our side, and to find a friend during study abroad programs, it is bliss.

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