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Modul University Vienna

To study abroad Austria comes with some of the most affordable education institutions in Europe. The public universities offer the degrees completely free for the EU/EEA citizens, while the non-EU/EEA students are required to pay the affordable fees, which usually remain under 2000 EUR for an academic year. The best here is that the education system of Austria is able to achieve it without compromising on the academic quality, as the local universities get regularly ranked among the best.

Austria today is one of the safest nations in the world, wherein one can have a quality life and top-notch infrastructure and the services. For anyone who loves art, there are many galleries and museums which you get to explore, and the gift of music Austria carries (Franz Schubert, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and alike), it too is something to not miss on to. Furthermore, if one is planning to study Tourism and Leisure abroad, the country is the best place to begin, especially with Modul University Vienna; one can have varied programs that have gained quite popularity in Austria.

In consideration of the above, this post has been prepared to provide information about the top courses that are available at Modul University Vienna, specifically for a student of Tourism and Leisure. The list has been prepared by the best abroad education consultant at GroupL Education to offer the necessary information. So, make sure not to miss on it.

Modul University Vienna

Modul University Vienna, or MU, is one of the internationally-oriented organizations that is dedicated to the research and the education on sustainable development, public governance, tourism, and new media technology. The organization was established by the Vienna Economic Chamber of Commerce and was approved in 2007 by the Austrian Accreditation Council.

Popular Tourism and Leisure Programmes- Modul University Vienna

Tourism and Leisure degrees, they prepare students for the management of products and services that are related to the activities like personal recreation, varied social events, and traveling for pleasure. The studies also prepare one to know how the clients are to be treated during a hotel stay or while making a visit to some of the best tourist sites. Furthermore, tourism degrees also cover areas related to Business Administration, Management Science, Hospitality, and Marketing.

There are some of the most popular programs amidst international students looking out for the tourism and leisure degrees as part of their study abroad Austria program. Some of such programs have been discussed below.

Hotel Management and Operations

Within the Business Administration in the Tourism sector- Hotel Management and Operations Programme prepares the student about the fundamentals of the modern business practices, the introductory courses within financial management, human resource management, business administration, economics, European business law, and marketing. All these subjects covered together prepare the students for the advanced subject and for the future career aspects.

Tourism Management

As per some of the best abroad education consultants, the Tourism Management Program ensures to provide all the required knowledge that one would learn concerning modern business practices. The introductory courses in the financial management, marketing, human resource management, economics, business administration, and the European business law are all the best ways for preparing for advanced subjects and careers.

Major in Tourism and Hotel Management

The industry of tourism today has become one of the biggest employers around the world, and the companies have been in continuous requirement of the academically qualified managers. Considering the major offered by Modul University Vienna, the focus lies on the complexity related to tourism planning and offers perspectives on global trends, tourism and concerns, development theory, tourism value chain, and the impact analysis.

International Tourism Management

The Master of Science or MSc in International Tourism Management graduate program ensures to prepare the students for the best way to address the future needs of the global tourism industry.


From a course in Event Management to Hotel Management, Tourism and Services Management, Innovation, and Experience Design for Tourism, Modul University Vienna has a huge coverage of the courses and subjects that one wouldn’t wish to miss out on. Furthermore, all these courses are quite affordable and need the applicant to provide the proof of their English proficiency, which can be given through the results of PTE, TOEFL, CAE, and IELTS. These courses are some of the popular ones, but amidst it all, IELTS still stands out at the top. So, make sure you learn about the band score requirement asked by your university for accepting your application. Do not delay.

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