Visa Requirements for Study Abroad in Austria

Study in Austria

The Republic of Austria, it is the landlocked country that is located in the Southern Europe. It is surrounded by the Eastern Alps. Austria is scattered with the ancient architecture, castles, palaces, and the cathedrals that have been built during the 17th century, and as for the Austrian Alps, they are famous for the winter vacations. Now, the vacations there might be expensive, but in consideration of the education expenses that are charged as a study in Austria for Dubai students, it is quite affordable in terms of some of the other destinations of study like the UK, the US, and Australia.

Apart from the above, Austria has also been regarded as having the lowest crime rate and better quality of life. For those who aren’t aware, Austria played an important role in shaping an integral part of the Europe. So, if you are one such student who is looking forward to the study abroad in Austria programs, we, as one of the abroad education consultant, would suggest you to go for it. However, before that, make sure to read this article and get some basic knowledge about the Visa requirements.

Study in Austria for Dubai Students

For students who are looking to study abroad in Austria program, know that the Universities of Austria do have great eminence with respect to some other parts of the world. There are many ranked universities that have been recognized internationally and that ensure a good quality of education for all students.

The Austrian universities also offer to the European Union students free tuition fees, of all the public universities. For the international students, fees charged by them are close to around 1500 EUR every year.

The University of Vienna, it was innovated in the year 1365, and it is one of the oldest German-speaking Austrian universities. It has also been rewarded with a total of 15 Nobel prizes and offers 200+ programs to students. Among these programs, there are many which are taught in the English language. So, if you are looking for a study abroad program in Austria, go ahead. If you need help, there are abroad education consultants available to help you out.

Study Abroad in Austria- Visa requirements & Eligibility Criteria Documentation

There are various requirements to apply for an Austrian study visa.

Some of the documents that are required for study in Austria for Dubai students and students from other parts of the world are,
• Citizenship Proof
• Passport
• University Application form
• Identity Card
• Bank receipt of tuition fees payment- per semester
• A-level education certificate or the high school diploma
• Financial capacity proof that can assure the study in Austria for Dubai students will be able to cover all the expenses when they are within the country for the period of study.
• No Objection Certificate by the end of University. The certificate is the one that can claim that the student has the intention for returning to home country, after they have completed the studies.
• Travel insurance with 300,000 EUR max that can cover medical emergencies.

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Cost of Student Visa for Study Abroad in Austria

The visa permit of the student will cost around 100 EUR and the validity period of the visa remains to be 1 year, after which it will be required to be renewed.
The students who belong to the EU, they are allowed to come and study with no requirement of a specific visa in Austria. To have the valid travel document is also a requirement.

Students who belong to any other place, apart from the EU and who have been looking forward to stay in Austria for more than 6 months, they must make sure to apply for the residence permit.

Types of Visa

There are two types of Visas that are offered as part of a study abroad in Austria. They are,
• Visa C- Allows visa holders for staying in Austria for around 90 days.
• Visa D- Allows visa holders for staying in Austria for around 91 days to even 6 months in the Austria.

6 weeks’ time is taken by the end of the embassy for interview appointments. The duration of vis processing, it would be around 1-4 weeks.

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GROUPL Education- Your Informed Guide

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