Pros of choosing Education Programs in Netherlands

Study in Netherlands

When considering the study abroad locations, you must never forget to consider the study in Netherlands program as this is one of the viable places for you to pursue your education.

You must have definitely noticed that it is one of the popular spots for international students and higher education opportunities, it definitely has started to stand out now. So, why not consider it on the plus side when talking about studying abroad? And while doing so, it is better to look into the pros specified by the abroad education consultant to feel confident about your decision.

Study in Netherlands- Pros

  1. Dutch are known as Bilingual Wizards

It is shocking but true that for more than 3 quarter of the Netherlands population, they claim to remain English proficient. It is also a great advantage to a foreigner who doesn’t speak Dutch as they do not have to struggle because of the language barrier at government buildings, university, and even supermarkets.

Furthermore, with English being spoken so widely outside the campus, it makes life easy, and you always have the option to learn another language. As your abroad education consultant, we would recommend you to know some basic Dutch words. It will help you to fit better.

    2. Career with coveted boost from the Netherlands

Around the world, Dutch universities are known to offer the best education programs in Netherlands. They are in huge competition with the United States and the United Kingdom. In a way, Netherlands is amidst the list of top non-speaking countries that allows you to have the best study abroad program, quality education, and lots of degrees (taught in English) to choose from.

It is truly without a doubt that graduating and completing the study in Netherlands will offer a lot of advantages for your career prospects as you wouldn’t just be able to find jobs there with English-speaking companies, but you will even get the qualification valued and recognized worldwide.

   3. Scholarships to Pick

Be it a private or a public university, they all charge tuition fees for the education programs (Bachelor, Master, and Ph.D. programs) in the Netherlands. However, there’s nothing to worry about as there are also some ways to save on it. Just give it a read below and do connect with your abroad education consultant to know more about them.

• The students from the EU get benefits as they are charged a small amount of fees in comparison to the non-EU students.
• For Bachelor’s, the average tuition fees range between 2000-6000 EUR, while for the Masters, it begins from EUR 8000 and can even go up to 20,000 EUR per year.
If you are eligible, you will be able to save a lot through scholarships for international students,
• Netherlands Fellowship Programmes
• Holland Scholarships for non-EEA students (up to EUR 5000 per year)
• Other opportunities with Education Programs in Netherlands- these benefits are offered by associations, companies, and Dutch universities. Research or connect with an abroad education consultant today to help with more information.
• Study Portal scholarships are also available for study in Netherlands.

   4. Two Masters’ degrees with the price of 1

As per the state regulations, if the payment for statutory tuition fees for 1st enrolment in Bachelor’s or Master’s degree has been made and if a student decides to enroll in another degree at a similar time, you will get exempted from paying tuition for 2nd program (either at same or different university) but the same needs to be public universities.

GROUPL Education “To Do and To Know More”

You can learn more about the policy of half-tuition fees either through your personal research or through us at GROUPL Education, where we, the professionals, are here to help you explain, guide, provide further information and help you achieve the dreams you have been looking for quite a while.

So, if you are willing to put things into perspective, or wish to have a comparison between either Germany or Netherlands, or have any such requirements, we are here for you. Connect, and we assure to lead you in the right direction.