Can American Curriculum Students Give Their AP Exams Outside Their School? Recognized Institutions in the UAE

Advanced Placement (AP) exams, administered by the College Board, offer high school students the opportunity to earn college credit and demonstrate their proficiency in various subjects. These exams are an integral part of the American curriculum and are typically taken by students in their junior or senior year. While most students take these exams at their own schools, some might need or prefer to take them at external locations. This article explores whether American curriculum students can give their AP exams outside their school and identifies recognized institutions in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) where this is possible.

Taking AP Exams Outside School

Yes, American curriculum students can take their AP exams outside their schools. The College Board allows students to register as “homeschooled students” or “independent candidates” if their schools do not offer the specific AP exams they wish to take or if they have other reasons for testing elsewhere. This flexibility ensures that all students have the opportunity to benefit from AP courses and exams, regardless of their school’s offerings.

Registration Process

To take an AP exam outside their school, students must follow these steps:

  1. Identify an AP Coordinator: Students should find a school or institution that administers AP exams and contact the AP coordinator there. The College Board’s AP Course Ledger and official website can help locate these institutions.
  2. Obtain an AP Number: The AP coordinator will provide the student with an AP number, which is necessary for exam registration.
  3. Register for Exams: Students need to complete the registration process, which includes providing necessary identification and paying the exam fee.
  4. Prepare for the Exam: It is crucial for students to prepare adequately for the exams. They can use resources provided by the College Board, such as course descriptions, practice exams, and study guides.

Recognized Institutions in the UAE

Several institutions in the UAE are recognized for administering AP exams. These institutions are equipped to support independent candidates and ensure that the exams are conducted in a standardized and secure manner.

  1. Dubai International Academy: Located in Dubai, this institution offers a comprehensive AP program and allows external candidates to register for exams. They provide detailed guidance on the registration process and exam preparation.
  2. American School of Dubai: This school has a robust AP program and is open to registering external candidates for AP exams. Their experienced staff ensures that all candidates have a smooth testing experience.
  3. GEMS Dubai American Academy: Another prominent institution in Dubai, GEMS Dubai American Academy offers AP exams to both its students and external candidates. They provide resources and support to help students succeed.
  4. Raha International School: Located in Abu Dhabi, Raha International School is another recognized institution for AP exams. They welcome independent candidates and provide necessary support and information for successful registration and completion of exams.
  5. International School of Choueifat: With multiple campuses in the UAE, the International School of Choueifat administers AP exams and supports external candidates through the registration process.


American curriculum students in the UAE have several options for taking their AP exams outside their own schools. Institutions like Dubai International Academy, American School of Dubai, GEMS Dubai American Academy, Raha International School, and the International School of Choueifat are recognized for their AP programs and support for external candidates. By following the proper registration process and preparing adequately, students can successfully take their AP exams and potentially earn college credit, giving them a head start in their higher education journey.