10 Best Tips and techniques for Fresh Graduates Seeking Job 

Choosing one of the best universities for study in Switzerland can be a pricey affair. However, if one continues to work while creating a balance between their everyday expenses, it can help a lot. All one needs to do is start with a little planning and then follow the right approach towards the prospective employers to help themselves. Apart from it, to study in Switzerland comes with its own perks; after all, they have one of the best educational systems appreciated worldwide.

There are certain tips and techniques for the fresh graduates who are on the lookout for a job. Some of them, which are also accepted by the best universities for study in Switzerland, have been discussed below. Give it a read to do and plan better.

  1. Planning ahead

Make sure to create a list of different kinds of jobs that you will be looking for after you complete your study in Switzerland. Also, look out for the companies you wish to apply to, as it will provide a clear idea of the workstream you are currently in and will aim ahead.

  1. Say goodbye to the generic CV format

Try creating a personalised resume format to stand out from all other applications. Make sure you mention all your strengths and skills while giving a small look out for the experience to add weightage to your application.

  1. Optimising online search

Ensure to learn how you can search online properly. There are different job search and networking websites, including Indeed, Seek, LinkedIn, AngelList, etc., that one can use completely free of cost to land a good job.

  1. Make a direct application online

In some of the big organisations, the employees are hired part-time and as casual staff for different roles. One can find out about vacant positions through their official website’s career or employment or job section. There are certain companies who also list opportunities under the news and about us tab. So, do not forget to check that too.

  1. Following up with the companies

Instead of sitting around and waiting for employees to send a response, try and follow up on every single application that you sent either through email or call. Do not overdo and bother potential clients.

  1. Begin early to get a job 

Picking early and making sure you get the job before the end of the semester will be a great idea. It will help you to save time and have a job in hand after you complete your studies at the best universities for study in Switzerland.

  1. Seeking assistance at best universities for study in Switzerland

Make sure you reach out to the career support centre of your university for help. At the centres, the staff has complete knowledge about different vacancies along with skill-building workshops and job fairs that can actually help you a lot. 

Some centres offer resume assistance to help you free a great one.

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  1. Be on a continuous lookout

Keeping an eye on local companies will be great within the host country that is hiring the casuals during the breaks one gets while they study abroad in Switzerland. It can be a fast-food joint, retail outlet, department store, etc.

Make sure you do not restrict work opportunities based on location or degree. Be open to other places and to places where they are open to recruiting skilled international employees. Also, make applications for the job that remain outside the purview of your study field in case you are passionate about the same.

  1. Socialising 

Never forget that socialising always helps, and therefore, start to build a network early while you continue your studies, as it will prove to remain very handy while you are looking for jobs. A better decision here will be to join different communities and participate in meetups and the network to meet more people.

  1. Building Yourself like a brand 

Having a good online presence remains very crucial for the employees today, and therefore, one must make sure all social profiles can exude professionalism. You can even try and blog on different topics from the field of your study to show it to potential employees after completing your study abroad in Switzerland program.

Final Words

Know the work conditions and check the visa to remain clear about the number of hours that you are allowed to work within the new country while you study in Switzerland. It will help a lot after all employees do prefer the students who remain active in extracurricular activities and have shown previous leadership qualities.

To go to a different country to study and to understand all the visa requirements or the work conditions there, it might not be easy; after all, we just rely on the blogs and articles available online. This is why we at GroupL Education have professionals who can help you to understand all about it before you begin your study abroad in Switzerland journey. With the experience they have, they do know enough to help you and guide you. So, connect today, and we will try our best to help you to take a step towards your journey and do better in it.