Changed Visa Rules and Regulations for International Students in Europe

Changes come in from time to time. When it comes to the changed visa rules and regulations for the international students in Europe, therein too varied rules, have changed, and the changed student Schengen Visa to the Schengen Zone has been implemented. The student Schengen visa is the entry permit to the Schengen Zone that is granted to third-country nationals who wish to enter and remain for the short stays, in either of the member states, for the purpose of continuing their abroad graduate programs. The visa permits the holder to stay within the territory for a max of 3 months, and if the training/study course lasts longer than it, one must apply for the longer-stay visa at the respective country’s embassy.

Regarding the above, there are certain pointers one must remain aware of before applying for admission abroad universities in Europe. The below-mentioned data, as collected and presented by the professionals of GroupL Education, will help you. So, keep reading ahead to know more.

Visa Fees

  • The applicants now will have to pay €80 instead of €60.
  • The children between 6-12 now will pay €40 instead of €35.
  • No change in fees for the citizens of countries that have a visa facilitation agreement with the EU. In this case, the fee would remain €35.
  • It has been argued that the Schengen Visa fees still remain lower than the other countries.

Application Form Submission & Advance Application

The Member states have been instructed by the EU to allow the applicants to complete and then submit the application forms electronically, wherever possible.

The travellers can now apply six months prior to the trip for the Schengen Visa instead of 3 months. Seafarers, during duties performance, on the other hand, can submit the application 9 months before their intended arrival at the Schengen port.

Outsourcing Visa Application

The Schengen member state now would be present in many more countries, to allow one not to travel to the neighbouring countries to file the application for admission in abroad universities.

Application for Student Schengen Visa for Abroad Graduate Programs

In order to make an application for admission in abroad universities, and to submit the student visa application successfully, make sure to follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Check if you are in need of a Student Schengen visa and find out where you need to make the application.
  • Once done, find the best time for submitting the visa application.
  • Next, fill in the application form for the stay.
  • Collect the needed documents for the student Schengen visa. In case you need any help with it, you can hire the abroad education consultant at GroupL Education and receive the needed help.
  • Make the appointment, pay the student visa fee and then wait for the response. It might take at least 15 days to hear about your visa. In many cases, the response comes faster too. However, at times, in some of the extraordinary cases, the period extends between 30-60 days.

Extending Student Schengen Visa

The student Schengen visa, it can be extended in certain specific cases, like the late entry, force majeure, humanitarian reasons or any other important and personal reasons. In case you wish to extend the student Schengen visa to continue the studies within the Schengen state, that wouldn’t be possible. Instead of doing the same, one would have to return to the home country or the country of residence and then make the application for a long-stay study visa. If you need any help applying for a long-stay study visa, you can either do it on your own or can take the help of the abroad education consultants at GroupL Education. The professionals herein will be able to better help you with the requirements and ensure that, from the documentation to meeting the deadlines, all are fulfilled regarding your study visa. Further, they will also help you understand the entire process by maintaining complete transparency throughout the process. So, if you are truly willing to study in Europe and wish to extend your visa or make a direct application for a long-term stay as a candidate who’s applying for abroad graduate programs, now is the time to connect with us and let our abroad education consultant help you through it all.