UK as a Study Destination

If you are wondering whether to choose the UK as a study destination, it is important to bring to light that the United Kingdom, it is home to the world’s oldest colleges and universities, the roots of which go back to the 12th and 13th centuries. With such a strong legacy, to study in UK has become the benchmark in comparison to other countries. However, at times, the students who look forward to studying abroad get confused when picking the best destination. They even plan on going to where their friends went instead of evaluating their personal options. 

Considering the above and the dilemma of being unsure about what your study abroad destination is, we at GroupL Education have prepared this blog to provide information about why to consider the UK and what the country has to offer you for your plans. So, go ahead and give it a read. Find out about the educational section of the UK and then make a pick.

Reasons To Choose UK For Study Abroad Programs

  1. Academic Excellence & Quality Education
    UK as a study destination has universities offering the best academic standards. 4 out of the top 10 universities in the world are in the UK, and these universities offer utility-based and practical knowledge over textbook learning. This enables one to get critical thinking, creative ability and the analytical skill within the chosen discipline. QAA, or Quality Assurance Agency, as the independent body of the UK, assesses the educational standards of the colleges and universities.

    Apart from checking the performances through subject reviews and audits, they identify best educational practices and even send the feedback for better improvisation. Even the higher education funding bodies of the UK examine research standards and then publish the findings from time to time, ensuring students have access to the best research, teaching and learning quality, irrespective of the chosen abroad educational programs.

Some of the best universities to study in UK, as per QS World University Ranking 2023, are:-

  1. Courses with Shorter Duration
    The UK’s educational system comes with more extensive courses and of shorter duration. It means one gets to graduate sooner, without compromising the quality. It allows one to complete postgraduate degrees in just a year, helping to save time and money.
  1. Chance to Work While Learning
    To manage the everyday living expenses together with studies, one gets the chance to work part-time for around 20 hours every week during the term time. Students who choose the UK as a study destination can even work during a semester break, full time. Now, this helps in paying bills and gaining industry experience within the field of study too.

    Scholarships like GREAT Scholarships, Commonwealth Scholarships, etc., are also offered by the universities of the UK to offset these expenses.

  1. Chance to Explore Europe While Continuing Studies
    The UK remains well-connected with the major European countries, including the Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy and even Belgium. So, with the functional airport, one has the perfect opportunity to explore more, especially by using a student pass for travelling cheaply.
  1. Student Health Benefits
    Free medical treatments by National Health Service are offered to the international students who choose the UK as a study destination. To avail the benefit, one needs to pay a small amount of International Health Surcharge when applying for the student visa, either by yourself or through GroupL Education as your abroad education consultant.
  1. Professional Opportunities
    Any of the degrees or courses from the university in the UK will offer the resume much more value. UK universities use a combination of practical and theoretical teaching methods. A combination of exposure, education and experience in the business world offers a competitive edge, which demonstrates the ability to function within any setting worldwide.

    The native countries already know that as a student, you thrived in a vibrant cultural environment. So, they offer appealing salaries and better opportunities. Some of the highly paid jobs offered with their average salaries as per are Software Engineer (£51,361), Operational Manager (£39,437), Project Manager (£44,759) and alike. 

  1. Accommodation Cost
    Like the college tuition fees, the living cost in the UK is quite low. It comes in between £1000-£1300 on an average. However, the rent can get costly if you choose London or Brighton instead of Aberdeen or Manchester.

What More?

From offering encouragement to research and exploration to having the largest library in the world, 300 other languages spoken in London, amazing culture, 140+ museums in London, 31 heritage sites and much more, the UK has much to offer. So, if you choose the UK as a study destination, you will surely have perfect opportunities.

Should I Choose To Study in the UK?

With the highly renowned universities and best teaching methods, changes in immigration policies allowing the students to work for 2 years after graduation, and much more, the UK has been offering the best opportunities. So, why not give it a chance?

In case you are still confused if you wish to study in UK, or need any help, we at GroupL Education, as the abroad graduate consultants, are here to help. All you need to do is reach out to us or simply drop a comment. Our professionals will happily assist you in getting the institutions and programs based on your aspirations and interests. So, do not delay. Get in touch today for more.