Canada as a Study Destination

What aspects must one consider when planning to study abroad? Why choose Canada as a study destination? Why are there so many students choosing to study in Canada? Well, there are a lot of questions that come up when choosing the place for the study abroad programs. In the case of Canada, there are a lot of advantages ranging from world-class education to the permanent residence path. Altogether they make study in Canada programs one of the best and the top choices when planning to study abroad. 

Every year Canada is known to welcome 100s to 1000s of students from around the world. The country offers them the best ways to invest in the future. It is considering all such reasons and benefits offered to the international students that this blog has been prepared to provide the reasons to choose Canada as the next destination and move there for the quality education. So, check out the post and find your reason to explore the opportunities.

Why Canada as a study destination?

Mentioned below are some of the reasons why Canada as a study destination. It will help satisfy your curiosity and will allow you to make an informed decision. 

  1. Quality Life
    Canada, as per U.S. News & World Report, 2022 ranks third globally in offering quality life and standard of living. The international students receive similar freedom and rights, including a peaceful society, equality, human rights, diversity and a stable environment, just like the Canadians.

  2. Flexibility within High-Quality Educational Options
    Right from the elementary to the post-secondary studies, the country is known to offer high-quality education as well as research opportunities. 7 of the Canadian universities have been ranked among the world’s top 200 universities. The students studying in Canada get the flexibility to transfer between levels and types of education in other parts of the world without any roadblocks.

  3. Diverse Culture with an Inclusive and Welcomed Environment
    Canada as a study destination, is one of the safest, most open and culturally diverse societies. You will be able to feel at home both in the classrooms and the communities amidst the 250 ethnic origins, more than 200+ languages and 70+ indigenous languages spoken from around the world. 

  4. Affordable Education and Living Costs 
    International students choosing a study abroad programs in Canada get the chance to have the benefits like affordable tuition fees compared to other countries. Even the cost of living in the country varies in every single province, and the students the most need to pay between 800-2000 CAD for the accommodation, feeding, leisure, transportation, etc making Canada as a study destination, quite popular.

    Students also get the chance to have an access to the work opportunities and scholarships for making payments of fees. Some programs even come with the option of co-op work placements or the internships to allow the students to have as much experience as they can while they study.

  5. Long-term Returns on Investment
    Get some excellent return on the investment with the internationally recognized qualifications from a Canadian university and build a career. Whether you decide to stay in Canada or return to the home country, the Canadian network and education will be the best prep you can get for the future.

  6. Opportunity to work while you Study in Canada
    A prime reason to choose Canada as a study destination is that the international students have been permitted to work for 20 hours every week, even during the semester. Any student working on the campus or as the intern in the company will not be required to have any extra work permit as the student study permit is enough to help them and finding a part-time job while they continue with study abroad programs.

  7. Opportunity of Post Work Permit 
    When you choose Canada as a study destinationyou get the chance to be a part of a post-graduation work permit program. It allows the students to stay and work therein. However, the post-work permit wouldn’t be legal for any longer than the student’s study program. So, by taking the opportunity, the students will be able to gain the best work experience.

    Any student graduating from the designated learning institute will be required to apply for the PGWP after they have received the last marks. The PGWP-offered work experience in Canada is the best way for the students to succeed in gaining PR in Canada.

  8. Canadian Healthcare Services
    The international students who choose Canada as a study destination must have their medical insurance. The provincial healthcare system of Canada covers basic and the preventative medical services and the emergency care too. To use the services, the students will be eligible if they have an international student valid study visa.

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