New Trends In Europe Post-Study Work Opportunities And Permanent Residence

Post-Study Work

The discussions of labour or work opportunities in Europe are understandably right now overshadowed by the coronavirus crisis and its impact. With all the past events, it might be possible that people might feel disheartened when considering their future careers. No matter whether you have a secure job and are planning to change or whether one is making a pick on the career path for the 1st time, the pandemic economic impact has led to a lot of doubts and reconsidering of choices. Well, if that is the case, then just feel a little optimistic as the global economy got hit. However, for the talented and skilled professionals, there exists a lot of career opportunities out there.

If you are someone who has just completed the course or planning to join one, know that the trends in Europe have a lot to depict about the post-study work opportunities therein and even the permanent residence. It is in consideration to it that this blog has been prepared by the GroupL Education consultants after a lot of research to provide information and to help you look out for the trends, to give a little optimistic look and hope for the future.

Post-Covid Economic Outlook

As per the data and the research which is measuring the economic consequences of the pandemic, it seems like there still remain continuous shifts and challenges in the job market and the broader economy of Europe. There isn’t any doubt that this is all quite overwhelming. Yet, there are a lot of positives too. Even though the pandemic slowed down for a while, the pick came in with 2021, and there are still a lot of jobs in demand in the field of logistics, Information Technology, Healthcare, etc.

Remote Working

With the government-mandated work-from-home due to the pandemic, the wide-scale remote working practices were adopted, and innovative tech infrastructures came in. However, there are a lot of benefits like employee efficiency, companies hiring employees outside usual catchment areas, etc. It is due to it that every business today, irrespective of size, is offering opportunities to candidates. However, this is crucial too, as one needs to be on top of the game to get the right opportunity in hand and rise above in the increasing opportunities for just one role.

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Increased Demand for Digital Tech and IT Professionals

With the shift to digitization in varied areas, automation is now almost everywhere. The businesses are forcing the development of efficient and advanced tech infrastructures in a short time, and this is increasing the demand for tech professionals and the corporate leaders having familiarity with the dimension. So, the skills (digital marketing, automated system management, cybersecurity, etc.) which were on the sidelines before, they are not having the centre stage.

Transition to the E-commerce and the High Street Closures

As retail revenue slumped because of a significant decrease in high-street shopping, e-commerce sales grew substantially, and this acted as the catalyst, with retailers transferring focus to the digital channels. It has been predicted by the researchers that the demand for digital skills and e-commerce will continue to rise, and they will remain eager to fight competition by remaining on the advantageous side, hence creating an opportunity for the post-study work.


Apart from the above,
● There is an increase in in-person events and hybrid digital events, creating space for skilled individuals who will be able to build the gap between live and digital events.
● The labour mobility has risen as talent is moving to jobs.
● Europe needs to create much more training and career pathways, and this for sure will increase the job prospects.
● With the use of economic development strategies, the shrinking labour markets are being given a chance to rise back again, etc.

Permanent Residency in Europe

The long-term residence permit of the EU allows permanent residence to the foreign nationals who have already lived in the country for at least 5 years. The residence permit remains valid till further notice. To apply for the EU residence permit, the students will be required to meet some criteria, like,
● Live in Europe for 5 years or more.
● Demonstration of sufficiency within financial resources for supporting oneself and dependents.
● Demonstrating B1 or the higher language proficiency level in the country’s (for which application is being made) official language.
● Must have basic knowledge of the social and legal system of the host country.
● Sufficiency and legality within living accommodations for oneself and dependents.

The application can be made at the immigration offices of the country one resides in. It must be done while one continues to have current temporary residence’s validity. Further, while doing the same, one needs to submit some documents like a valid passport, photo as per Schengen photo rules, evidence of residence for five years in the country (valid registration certificate of when one arrived there, evidence of the residence, evidence like pay slips, tax returns, etc.), health insurance proof, etc.

There are some countries which might have additional requirements which continue to change. So, make sure to remain aware of it before beginning the application.

Final Words

Launch the career you deserve by studying at Europe’s best colleges and universities. Know that the world is changing, but it is bringing in better trends too, which will be offering the best opportunities in the upcoming months. It is now more than before that there is a requirement for innovative business leaders, skilled employees and alike, to help the business towards transition. So, go ahead and apply for that program today, as the trends show positive transformation towards the future and for your career.

In case you need any help with either selection of course or country or anything that might help you land to your dream country, we at GroupL Education are here to help. Connect today with us, and we assure you of quality services for sure.