Cost of Living in the UK

UK is home to some of the most prestigious universities in the world, including Cambridge & Oxford. It is a popular destination among 1000’s study abroad program aspirants due to the outstanding academic standards it offers and varied other reasons. However, there are many students who are worried about the expenses they might have to bear when studying at the best universities in the UK. Well, if that is the case, we at GroupL Education, as your abroad education consultants, can assure you that, if managed effectively, the cost of living in the UK for international students can be easily managed.

Considering the above, this article has been prepared to guide you through the living expenses you might incur during your stay. Read ahead to know what to expect while you follow your dream of choosing the best universities for study in UK.

International Student’s Living Expenses in the UK- Overview

The yearly cost of living (approx.) in the UK for international students is generally around GBP 12,000-13,000. However, it might vary based on factors including basic expenses, the lifestyle of students, accommodation, etc. Now, here’s an estimated overview of the average expenses per month, related to these factors for international students, before we get into detail about the same.
● Accommodation- £500 – £700
● Transportation- £35 – £40
● Food & Groceries- £100 – £200
● Entertainment- £40 – £50
● Household- £40 – £50
● Miscellaneous- £200 – £300
Note that these expenses vary based on the lifestyle you wish to carry, the city chosen and the university too.
Apart from the above, it might cost around £1344 per month for a UK Visa and Immigration of 9 months (London) and £1023 per month for courses that are outside London.


As per the research conducted by abroad education consultants at GroupL Education, accommodation which is one of the most important parts of living in the UK comes with different choices and charges. Like, the students can make a choice between the halls of residence of the university campus, shared housing, local homestays, dorms and even private apartments. Amidst it all, the halls of residence are the most popular accommodation type among the international students.

The type of accommodation with its average rent per month is,
● Halls of Residence- £400- 600
● Local Homestays- £10-60 per night
● Private apartments- £800-1000

Now, these costs vary based on the city of residence. To provide an idea of the average rent per month based on different cities in the UK, the following would be helpful.
● London- £1200-1300
● Oxford- £1100-1700
● Manchester- £860-1100
● Edinburgh- £700-1000
● Brighton- £838-1300
● Glasgow- £800-1000
● Birmingham- £700-1200

Food and Groceries

Food is an indispensable part of the cost of living in the UK per month. The cost can be managed if one decides to have home-cooked meals instead of eating at the fancy restaurants. Frequently eating oats can increase expenses to a great extent.
The basic grocery cost and also food in the UK are,
● Milk (1 litre)- £0.92
● Bread- £0.97 per pack
● Eggs (12-pieces)- £1.93
● Chicken- £5.44
● Vegetables- £1.10
● Rice- £1.11
● Fruits- £1.71
● Cheese- £5.57
● A meal at the affordable restaurant- £12.50


Now, just choosing the best universities for study in UK is not all one has to do, especially when visiting the UK. So, exploring and moving from one part of the city to the other will be included in the cost of living, especially if the apartment you chose is away from the university. However, do not worry, as there are a lot of options like student discounts, etc., to ensure that travelling remains affordable. Further, public transport is the best way to remain connected to the outside world. 

Considering the above, the common transportation modes’ costs are, 

  • Train- £12-13
  • Taxi- £6-90
  • Tube- £4-5
  • Bus- £1-2
  • Cycle- £2 for every 30 minutes

Household Bills

There will be different bills that will come into light when one starts to live in the UK. It includes the bill for internet, mobile, electricity, water, etc., which are to be paid on time. Many times, these bills are included in the rent, but it isn’t necessary. So, you got to consider such bills when you stay in the UK. Further, there will also be health insurance bills that are included as part of household bills.

  • Mobile and Internet- £15-50
  • TV License- £12
  • Gas/Electricity/Water- £40-50 and
  • Insurance- £50


Well, we all know that university life isn’t just about studies and tests. It’s also about indulging in leisure activities for building a social circle, learning about culture and people and exploring the city. So, one must include the cost of leisure within the budget when trying to calculate the living expenses for the Indian students in the UK.

Some of the common options with average costs are,

  • Sports- £10-20
  • Movie Tickets- £9-10
  • Concert Tickets- £40-50
  • Tickets to Amusement Parks- £40
  • Restaurant Dinner- £40-50


These expenses include a lot of leisure activities, household items, toiletries, shopping and the other expenses one makes. Now, these expenses will vary from person to person and would depend on the lifestyle students carry while at the best universities for study in UK.

So, plan accordingly and look at the list below to know how much it would cost for the miscellaneous activities. 

  • Household Items- £30
  • Shopping- £50-70
  • Toiletries- £20
  • Books and Stationery- £20-30
  • Others- £100

Final Words

If you ever dreamt about going abroad and choosing one of the best universities for study in UK, but you fear you might end up choosing wrong, we at GroupL Education, with the help of our abroad education consultants, wouldn’t let that happen. We will help you to get into the right university and receive the right value for your investment.

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