Post Study Work Opportunities in Ireland

Opportunities in Ireland

For international students looking out for the country which can cater to their study interests, Ireland ranks as one of the best choices. Apart from the finest educational system received, the place is students’ favourite due to the lower cost of living, cheaper transportation and the affordable accommodation choices. Not just this, Ireland even introduced Third Level Graduate Scheme recently. As per it, after completing the study abroad Ireland program, the international students can stay back for the next 24 months. It is because of it that the work opportunities for the international students there have grown considerably, and the unemployment rate is close to just 5%. Now, this is a clear reflection that the prospects for the students are manifolding right after graduation.
So, if you are one of such students looking for ways to get started with jobs after your study abroad Ireland dream is fulfilled, and you wish to know the post-study work opportunities in hand, this blog is for you. We have tried to cover every essential information here to help you better.

Jobs for International Students in Ireland

The service sector of Ireland is thriving. It is because the offices of some major information technology giants, including Twitter, Facebook, Google, etc., they are all located in Ireland. So, there is a huge boom in the Information Technology sector job opportunities that comes with study abroad Ireland. There also has been quite an increase in the demand for the graduates from the tourism and hospitality sector.
Considering the above, in Ireland, the graduates from the below-mentioned fields are quite in demand today.

Job Opportunities in Ireland

The job market in Ireland for the international students is quite diverse. One can opt for them after education. The top opportunities are available after completing education in Engineering, Business & Finance, Healthcare, Hospitality and Information Technology, etc.


Engineer demand seems to be constantly rising in Germany after the advent of the top companies in here. Ireland, it is home to some of the largest tech companies in Europe, and these companies are on the constant lookout for hiring the top-notch engineers across varied fields.

  • Requirements- MEng Mechatronics, MSc Mechanical Engineering, MEng with Business, MEng Electrical Power Engineering, etc.
  • Job Titles- Chemical Engineers, Energy Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Principal Engineer
  • Average Salary- 46,186 EUR 

Business & Finance

This field is another one to get the jobs falling under the high-in-demand category in Ireland. As we move ahead, year after year, the vacancy in finance continues to grow all throughout the country. The companies are on the lookout for hiring multiple finance experts for helping in the expansion of the teams.

  • Degree Requirements- MSc, MSc in Business Analytics, MSc in Finance, etc.
  • Job Titles- Business Intelligence Analysts, Financial Advisors, Finance Manager and Finance Analyst.
  • Average Salary- 45,000 EUR

Information Technology

IT sector is one another important job market which is all set to boom. With technology entry across varied industries, it has been fruitful, and it is said to be the reason behind the boom. It is a result of it that the subjects including Data Science, Computer Science & IT are becoming one of the most considerable courses among the international students to study abroad Ireland.
• Degree Requirements- MSc Information Technology Management, MEng Information and Network Security, MSc Computer Science.
• Job Titles- Data Analysts, Software Developers, Data Scientists, App Developers, IT Operations Management.
• Average Salary- 35,644 EUR


The hospitality and the tourism industry of Ireland are also booming. The place is considered as the perfect and the most preferred one for studying hospitality as apart from the theoretical knowledge they offer as part of Study in Ireland, the institutes also emphasize upon practical knowledge.
• Degree Requirements- MSc in Hospitality Management, MSc in international tourism and hospitality management, MSc in Business and Hospitality
• Job Titles- Event Managers, Travel Agents and Entertainment Managers.
• Average Salary- 10 EUR per hour


The decision to study in Ireland for a course in healthcare is preferred by many international students. The best part of these courses is that from the tutorials to the online classes, the healthcare tutors from Ireland make sure that the students are pursuing the course and that they have sufficient knowledge not just in theory but also in practice.
• Degree Requirements- Master of Public health, MA in health promotion, and MPH in International Health
• Job Titles- Nurses, Pharmacist, Administrative Assistant and Physicians
• Average Salary- 30,552 EUR

Companies for Job Hunting after Study in Ireland Program

If you plan to study in Ireland as there are some top employers therein, like Google, Intel, Mastercard, Irish Rail, Collin Construction, LinkedIn, PayPal, eBay, Apple, Enable Ireland, TK Maxx, An Post, Ikea, Dell, Microsoft, Kellogg, and Fidelity Investments, who have multiple opportunities to offer you.

Final Words

If you are planning to continue your education in Ireland, we at GroupL Education would recommend you to not step back and take the chance to move towards a better, secure and promising career.
As you are already aware of the job opportunities, ensure you understand the visa permit requirements, as this plays a crucial role in the entire process. To manage through it, and if needed, you can even connect with us at GroupL Education, as our professional counsellors and consultant are here to help you through the entire process and guide you.
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