Guidance on the Under-graduation applications in Canada

study in Canada

Canada is a home to around 21 of the top 500 universities in the world, offering world-class programs. Along with it, the country has the leading research facilities and the academic institutions too. So, considering the wide range of the study choices, for candidates looking to get admission in abroad universities, Canada is one of the ideal places for the international students.
In case you have made up your mind to study in Canada, this blog will be a help as we at GroupL Education, as your abroad education consultant, have provided a complete outlook of the application process. Continue reading to know it all.

Understanding Requirements

To make a successful application to Canadian educational institutions, it is necessary to understand the requirements for schools and also the courses offered. The candidates would also need to conduct quite a careful analysis of all the rules and regulations that are applicable to the study permit application process. It will be ideal if you start to plan for the Canadian study permit a year in advance.

Some common requirements to get admission in abroad universities and institutions are,
● Updated passport
● Proficiency in English/French- With proof of passing the prescribed language proficiency test with the minimum bands/grades.
● Proof of finance for the study and cost of living while you study in Canada.
Further requirements might vary between the provinces, and this is why one must be very systematic and careful while researching them.

Choosing Courses and Institutions to get admission in abroad universities

The first step when choosing the institution would be ascertaining its status as the Designated Learning Institution. Note that only DLIs will be able to admit the foreign students.

Further, you are needed to finalize the specific major course when making an application to study in Canada. Now, the academic setup in Canada is quite flexible for switching courses. However, it is best to make a comparison of the option beforehand and then choose the major that one is actually interested in pursuing.

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Language Proficiency Test

To get entry to Canada successfully, all the international students are required to prove their proficiency either in French or English.
● IELTS- Preferred test for English Proficiency. There are some institutions that also accept Advanced or the TOEFL examination score.
● DALF/DELF/TCF- Preferred test for French Proficiency.
Pick the test, make the payment for fees and then book the dates in advance. For sure, you will be required to brush up on the language skills before for ensuring not to get the application rejected.

Application for Admission in Abroad Universities

Once all the above is done, the next step would be to connect with the shortlisted universities, get the application packages and then submit the same in advance. Now, to have the choices for applying to a dozen universities comes with a lot of advantages but do consider the application feel. It might vary between $100-$250.

Do not make applications randomly. Make sure to compare the options, then identify the preferred course and the institutions and do ensure to select either one or two alternatives as part of the backups.

Just be careful when you fill-up the application form and ensure that you do provide all the accurate information which can be backed with the documentary evidence. Once it is done, all you need to do is wait for the acceptance. The acceptance letter sent by the university does play an important role for the further formalities.

Application for Study Permit

As you have received the institution’s acceptance for the program, it is now time to make an application for the Canada Study Permit. The application to it can be made online or through the local visa application centre.

The application must be accompanied by the acceptance letter that is received, as part of the previous step, documentary proof of finances for study in Canada program and your passport. In case the institution chosen by you is in the Province of Quebec, you will be required to submit “Certificat d’acceptation du Québec” too with the study permit application.

Time of Travel

Once the application gets processed, and the interview (if necessary) has been conducted, the immigration office will make the decision on the study permit application. In case you get accepted, it is the time to start planning the travel plan to Canada.

The permit will have the start date (the date from when the permit would come into force). Make sure to keep in mind that one wouldn’t be permitted to enter Canada before the date. So, make sure to plan the trip accordingly.

Study Time

The immigration officer will ensure to verify the permit and all the other documents at the port of entry before allowing one to enter Canada. It is one of the final steps of the immigration formalities. So, one can now start to focus on the commencement of the journey as an international student in Canada.

After Completing an Under-graduation Degree

As per abroad education consultants, after the studies are completed, the federal government of Canada covets the international graduates as the ideal new permanent residents as the graduates are young, knowledgeable about the culture, proficient in the language and have Canadian qualifications and the work experience.

The government of Canada, after graduation, allows for the post-graduation work permit to allow the students to begin careers therein too.
There have been some recent changes within the express entry selection system, and this has made it quite easier for the international students to make the transition for permanent residence. Further, there are also varied provincial immigration streams that are specifically aimed at the international students. So, make sure you get the right opportunities in hand on time.

Final Words

Understandably, the process of applications can be quite hectic, which is why there are abroad education consultants like GroupL Education who are completely dedicated to the candidates who approach. So, if you are in need of any help, our professionals are just a call away. They will ensure to ease up the entire process while you sit down, relax and wait for your Canadian study permit.
Do not delay. We are looking forward to your call.