Tips to Discuss Work Experience during Study Medicine in Bulgaria School Interviews

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There are certain tips that will help you in discussion and reflection upon the work experience during Study Medicine in Bulgaria School interview. It is quite likely that you, as an applicant, would be asked about your work experience during the interview. So, make sure to include the below-mentioned during the interview preparation. Follow the tips provided by the top abroad education consultants and use them while discussing work experience at the time of interview.

● Reviewing Work Experience

The work experience you had, it was a while ago. This is why it is important that you remember what you did before. With the notes you made before or the experience diary you maintained at the time of work will be really important. In case you didn’t make it, make a little now and try to cover whatever you remember.

Just revisit the notes and try to remind yourself of all those things you did or observed and the lessons you were able to learn. In case you have a lot of notes, just try to condense them and ensure to highlight some significant things at the time of the interview. Do not ramble.

● Preparing Reflections Beforehand

Know that the medical school chosen by you as part of your study in Bulgaria is much more interested in your work experience learning than what was actually done by your end. Considering the work experience, quality will be preferred instead of quantity.

To ensure the work experience discussion remains focused, make sure to think about it all in advance. Make a decision on some of the most important points that you would like to make. Like you might love to bring forward some memorable cases or the incidents which you got a chance to observe before applying for the study in Bulgaria program. You can even think of what the doctors and the medical professionals saw in action or what attributes and qualities were noticed by you. It can be the explanation of test results or dealing with an angry patient, or even a demonstration of empathy, etc.

You must note that the work experience gives you a better understanding of the functions and the coverage of a medical career. So, to not miss it would be great.

● Revisiting Personal Statement for Study Medicine in Bulgaria

Make sure you go through the personal statement before the interview. It will help you to check that you do remember what has been mentioned within the statement. There is a high chance that the interviewers will be using the personal statement as the basis for asking questions about the work experience.
Do not give them a chance when they bring up something and you are not sure of what they are talking about.

Further, as said by some top abroad education consultants, do consider if there is anything else that you would love to add to the personal statement. Is there any additional medical work experience you have gained since you last submitted the personal statement? In such a case, do ensure you are mentioning the new experience within the interview, as the medical school will not know of it from the personal statement.

● Maintain Genuineness and Do not Script Answers

When planning to study in Bulgaria, the work experience acts like one another interview topic. The greater you have the practice in answering the medical school interview questions, the better it will be to talk about it. So, make sure to list down the key points that you do aim to cover and then use the same for structuring the answers. However, make sure you avoid the scripting of answers completely and do not even try to learn them by heart. It will stop you from being genuine in front of the interviewers, and the medical schools would definitely not be impressed by it.

Practice the Interview Questions with GroupL Education

If you are looking forward to some help, the professionals at GroupL Education will act as a guide for you. You can reach out to us, and we assure you we will try our best to guide you through some common interview questions related to work experience with the model answers that can be used by you to reflect upon the experience. Rest assured, as your abroad education consultant, we are here to offer you all the needed services, and by no means would we compromise on it.
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