Constanta Maritime University

Country: Romania
City: Constanta

Application Deadline:  30th August
Academic Year:  October
Scholarships: Yes
Campus: Constanta
Airports: “Mihail Kogălniceanu” International Airport


Bachelor studies in English last for 4 academic years, 240 credits (ECTS) upon graduation. 

  • Navigation and Waterborne Transport
  • Marine Engineering

Master studies in English Language

  • Offshore Oil and Gas Technology and Management
  • Advanced Engineering in the Oil and Gas Offshore Industry
  • Marine Engineering

About Consta​​nta University

Constanta Maritime University reasserts its national and international prestige by attracting candidates for Bachelor and Master studies from all over the world. Given all these, the university accreditation and auditing have been carried out not only through national and international certification bodies, but also through the feedback from labor market and the huge demand for graduates on the international labor market.

CMU intends to develop all directions which allow a global and full recognition of its permanent efforts to train the future merchant marine officers. Consequently, until the present moment, standard directions of the marine education system have been developed, such as Marine Engineering and Navigation, as well as other directions, which enabled the integration of marine education and all related activities in ports and inland waters. Our motto is “Quality and competition”, therefore curricula are structured in such a way as to ensure actual opportunities for all students.

The Romanian maritime higher education sector provides you with many exciting opportunities for developing your career. Constanta Maritime University (CMU) is world-leading in both teaching and research.

Completing your Bachelor/Master/PhD degree at CMU can considerably increase your career prospects.

Admission Requirements

  • Baccalaureate Diploma/ Higher Education Entry Certificate (Highschool Diploma)
  • English Language Proficiency Certificate

Write to us at or on WhatsApp: +971 56 410 4830 for more information about Application documents

Admission Calendar

Applications must be sent between 1st of May and 30th of August

Write to us at or on WhatsApp: +971 56 410 4830 for more information about the admission process and VISA procedures in Romania.

Fees & Funding

Costs of living in Constanta: about 800eur per month
Tuition Fees for non EU students: 2800 EUR per year
Reserved for CMU students who have the best results in a given academic year. Social scholarships – they are meant for students who are verifiably in critical financial or personal circumstances that endanger their ability to continue their academic studies

Write to us at or on WhatsApp: +971 56 410 4830 for more information about Scholarships & Funding in Romania.

Two easy steps to access a study in Romania:

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Attend your 1st meeting as scheduled and get to know our services, connect with our team, and get your customized admission process plan.

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