Career Orientation Tests

Programmes based on psychometric tests relating to your interests and aptitudes.


My Aptitude - A set of 7 timed aptitude tests.

MyCareerChoices - An in-depth analysis of student responses to 300 questions, designed for students aged around 16. The programme helps you focus on careers areas which relate to your interest profile and to do in-depth research, to help in planning for your future choice (30 minutes+ and then follow up).

MyFirstChoices - A short introductory programme based on 100 questions, to help you understand how you interest generally and in school subjects relates to a career choice. (Time for test 30 minutes+ and then follow up).


MyUniChoices - This programme uses 150 questions and provides a course based Interest Profile. It provides access to all courses and institutions, at UK and Irish universities, all European university courses 'taught in English', and all Canadian university courses taught in English or French.

MyAptitudeCore - A core set of three MyAptitude tests: Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning and Abstract Reasoning.

DegreeCourseDescriptions - A database that gives useful overviews and information of degree course content.

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