Studying dentistry in Australia

Studying dentistry in Australia

On a consistent basis, Australia’s medical schools top the list of the world-renowned med schools. You might not be surprised by this fact too much as the students who study abroad in Australia receive an innovative approach to teaching and also research, amazing future prospects and world-class fellowship.

As per the relevant estimates, dentists in Australia earn up to $200,000 every year. They are among the highest-paid Australian employees, making it one of the reasons to study dentistry in Australia. However, making a decision to study dentistry in Australia, it is not an easy task. The difficulties begin with the application process, and this is where we at GroupL Education come to your rescue. Believe it or not, we have seen different students missing out on a lot of information, and this is why they fail to comply with the requests of universities but do not worry, we are here for you and will help you to reduce the workload.

The first step to begin helping you is by assuring you can save some time. This is why we have created this post to assure you can get a detailed explanation of the process and work towards the ambition for the best.

Study Abroad in Australia- Finding Dental Courses

Start by comparing study goals with all options available, or rather you will be needed to find the dental course which might precisely fit the academic aim and your personal choices.

It is recommended that you do the initial scan by getting through the university’s guidelines on the website. Then narrow down the dental school list that would match up the personal and the academic preferences. While doing so, rely upon factors including the number of the practical sessions in a course, the number of foreign students, facilities and the location when you are making the decision.
If you have any kind of dilemma, connect with GroupL Education professionals on time and avoid all the last-minute decisions when the application starts.

Best Universities for Study in Australia- Entry Requirements

Next, meet the entry requirements, which varies based on the dental school one chooses.

Check with the universities for the entry requirements. 

There are a few documents which every med school needs. Like, 

  • English proficiency 
  • Recognized qualifications, academically
  • ATAR score
  • Certified grade certificates
  • Letter of Reference/motivation

Application for Study Abroad in Australia

Next is now time for submission. Candidates can submit it all to the best universities for study in Australia program either through education agents/recruitment agents or submit the online application in in-person.

Generally, there is an online application platform where the students can upload the scanned documents. All one needs to do is set up the login account and then follow the instructions at every single step. In case you do not wish to continue with the process on your own, connect with us at GroupL Education, and our professionals will help you out with the entire application procedure.

Getting Student Visa 

To study dentistry in Australia as an international student, candidates are required to have a student visa, the application to which can be made as soon as the letter of offer is received by the university and confirmation is sent about acceptance of it.

Student visa applications can be made online. All you need to do is to be aware of the visa requirements, and the application must have the following documents.

  • Letter of offer from the recognized Australian university
  • Enrolment electronic confirmation
  • English proficiency proof
  • Financial means proof
  • Certified criminal record
  • Medical check-ups proof

Enrolment to study abroad in Australia 

Enrol for the course. This step can be carried out online. All you got to do is known the documents required from the university website and see if their enrolment works online. Documents which are required for enrolment are specific to the Australian university. Although some common ones are, 

  • Residential address- Australia
  • Personal Details
  • Enrolment confirmation- Electronic
  • Valid passport

Time Interval to Study Dentistry in Australia

To be a legal dentistry practitioner in Australia, one must have at least a bachelor’s degree in a similar field.

  • Bachelor’s dental course- 5-7 years (full-time studies including clinical experience of the course).
  • Postgraduate study programs- 4 years (full-time studies).

In a way, one will be able to become a dentist in Australia right after 9-10 years of the committed studies. After the dental degree, you are also required by the law to get yourself registered at Australian Dental Board to allow yourself to practice the profession.

Study Dentistry in Australia- Cost

Just like any other degree, even dentistry in Australia doesn’t come cheap. It is because it needs a lot of clinical practice, which in turn comes with extra cost.

The Australian dental schools charge higher fees for the international students, and it changes based on the university. On average, the cost or the fees range between $70,000 to $140,000 per year. If including other costs like the accommodation, you will have to pay more.

Best Australian Dental Schools 

In case if you are one of the ambitious students with the goal of making a choice that is worth every penny, go for the below-mentioned options,

  • The University of Sydney
  • The University of Melbourne
  • James Cook University
  • La Trobe University 
  • University of Queensland

These schools are ranked high on national and international levels. So, make a pick amidst the same. If needed, connect with us, and our professionals at GroupL Education will definitely help you from start to end and help you get your admissions at the right university/college.

Looking forward to connecting with you soon. Do not delay.