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238391 ​km²

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September - June

In Europe, Romania is a popular choice for international students. It offers internationally renowned education of the highest calibre. The nation provides a distinctive cultural experience in a vibrant, international setting. First, allow us to explain why international students prefer Romania as a destination for higher study.

Why should one go to study in Romania?

The best country to pursue higher education in Romania. Romanian education places students in a position where they have excellent career exposure. Here are a few reasons for picking study in Romania as your study-abroad country:

• The multicultural atmosphere permeating Romania’s entire nation makes international students feel quite welcome.
• The academic standards in the nation are very high. Romanian teaching, learning, and practice superiority have long been recognized.
Romania provides excellent research opportunities. Romanian educational institutions have collaborated with some of the world's top universities to provide their students with the best opportunities for study and research. Study in Romania for Indian students and study in Romania for Dubai students has some of the most affordable tuition rates in Europe.
• In Romania, there are more than 70 public and private universities. This indicates that you have a large selection of universities to pick from.
Overseas students can choose from over 1,000 study programs at the Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate levels. You can choose which one is best for your caregiver, and students from various countries like to join the study in Romania for Indian students and study in Romania for Dubai students.
• A degree from Romania is respected all over the world and can help you land a high-paying career. Students who pursue higher education in Romania have Excellent Career Opportunities since practical education is the primary focus here. 

Best courses for international students to study in Romania

International students at Romanian universities can choose from a variety of courses in each subject. Romania will undoubtedly have something for you whether you come from a scientific, commercial, or artistic background.
The following are the most popular courses for study in Romania for Indian students and for study in Romania for Dubai students:

• Study Architecture in Romania
• Study Medicine in Romania
• Study Finance in Romania
• Study Dentistry in Romania
• Study Designing in Romania
• Study MBBS in Romania
• Study Engineering in Romania
• Study Nursing in Romania
• Study Accounting in Romania 

Interested to study in Romania?

Have you decided to study abroad in Romania? You must complete the online application form. To support your application, you will also require some basic documents. These document requirements vary depending on the university and course you choose. The following are the common requirements:

• Diploma recognition application form (EU, EEA, or Swiss applicants)
• Undergraduate applicants: an official copy of the Baccalaureate Diploma or equivalent
• A certified copy of the student's graduation certificate
• Academic records translated into Romanian, English, French, or German
• A photocopy of the birth certificate
• A medical certificate explaining the student's health status
• A valid copy of the student's passport
• Two current photos 

Work and school in Romania

Foreign student studying in Romania does not need a work permit if they have a residence visa. Students from outside the EU may work four hours each day. Applying for a work permit is necessary if you want to work more than this allotted amount.

Visa for students in Romania

A visa is not required to study in Romania for citizens of the European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area (EEA), as well as those from Canada, Japan, Switzerland, Moldova, Croatia, South Korea, the USA, and Serbia. All others must get a student visa prior to travelling to Romania. To apply, you must obtain a letter of acceptance from the Ministry of Education before enrolling at a Romanian university.
The list of records that you must provide to obtain a student visa is as follows:
• A letter of acceptance from the Ministry of Education of Romania.
• Documentation of one year's worth of tuition.
• Evidence of sufficient financial resources to support the for the duration specified in the visa.
• A certificate of criminal history.
• Medical coverage.
• If the student is a minor, a letter of approval from the parents in connection with the stay in Romania for academic purposes will be required.
International students must pay their tuition in full each year before applying for a visa. Fees may be paid in up to three instalments by students who do not require a student visa for Romania. The processing of visas could take up to two months. A residence permit must be obtained once you arrive in the nation.

Getting a degree in Romania
The benefits of studying in Romania seem compelling, don't they? Do you want to know how to get to Romania, where you want to study abroad? The entire process is outlined here:
Step 1: Select your program and Romanian university.
Step 2: Visit the university's website to learn about the prerequisites for applications and available scholarships (if required)
Step 3: Gather all the application-related paperwork.
Step 4: Submit an online university admission application and obtain an acceptance letter.
Step 5: Organize the necessary cash and apply for a student visa to enter Romania.
Step 6: Book your flight, pack your bags and fly to Romania after receiving your visa. 

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Number of public Universities: 49

Number of private Universities: 8

Top University Cities: Bucharest, Cluj, Constanta, Iasi, Timisoara

Tutuion Fees:  from 2800 EUR to 9000 EUR

Estimate costs of living in Romania per month

Monthly basics Lower range Upper range
Living Costs:
Rent: 100 EUR (room in 2bd apartment) 400 EUR (1bd apartment)
Utilities (varying monthly, depending on heating costs): 30 to 50 EUR 50 to 150 EUR
Internet & TV: 10 EUR 20 EUR
Phone: 5 EUR 15 EUR
Food prepared at home: 50 EUR 250 EUR
Transportation: 30 EUR (public transportation pass) 150 EUR (Taxi: 0.40 EUR/km)
Laundry/toiletries: 10 EUR 20 EUR
Books, printing, photocopying: 10 EUR 25 EUR
Entertainment: 30 EUR 100 EUR
Total: 405 EUR 1180 EUR

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