Malta - Quick facts & figures






Euro (EUR) 

Time zone:



Maltese, English

Area Size:

316 km²

Calling Code:

+ (356)

Academic year:

September - June

For such a small island, Malta is bursting with exciting sights to see. Located in the Mediterranean Sea, it is one of the best tourist destination sites in Europe. It is home to three UNESCO World Heritage Sites – the megalithic temples, the historic capital city Valleta, and the hypogeum. Numerous famous TV shows and movies likes Troy, Gladiator and Game of Thrones used Malta as a shooting location.

Study in Malta is also getting famous not just for its wild beaches and historical sites, but also for its quality education. There are a range of English undergraduate and post graduate programs in Malta as it is one of the official languages in the country. 

Number of public Universities: 1

Number of private Universities: 7

Top University Cities: Valleta, Paola, Cospicua, Msida, Kalkara   

Tutuion Fees: from 1080 to 17000 EUR

Estimate costs of living in Malta per month

Monthly basics Lower range Upper range
Living Costs:
Rent: 450-650 EUR (room in 2bd apartment) 650-1000 EUR (1bd apartment)
Utilities (varying monthly, depending on heating costs): 79 EUR 120 EUR
Internet & TV: 30 EUR 70 EUR
Phone: 20 EUR 50 EUR
Food: 100 EUR 150 EUR
Transportation: 26 EUR (public transportation pass) 120 EUR (Taxi: 2.00 EUR/km)
Laundry/toiletries: 30 EUR 40 EUR
Clothing: 50 EUR 100 EUR
Books, printing, photocopying: 40 EUR 60 EUR
Entertainment: 40 EUR 85 EUR
Total: 1046 EUR 1795 EUR

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