Hungary  - Quick facts & figures




9.75 million


Hungarian forint (HUF) 

Time zone:




Area Size:

93,025 km²

Calling Code:

+ (36)

Academic year:

September - June

Did you know that Nobel laureate Albert Szent-Györgyi who discovered vitamin C studied in Hungary? Hungarian universities are known for their reputation in study fields such as medicine and engineering. There are dozens of universities that offers numerous English undergraduate and postgraduate education programs in Hungary that are recognized all over the world so you will have a lot of options. You can study Medicine in Hungary at the best universities for international students in Europe.

Hungary is located in Central Europe, bordering on Slovakia to the north, Austria in the West, Serbia and Croatia to the south. and Ukraine and Romania in the East. The country has a fascinating history, a vibrant and welcoming culture, and beautiful cities. It features one of the largest continuous grasslands in Europe and a lot of breathtaking natural landscapes. What are you waiting for?! Plan your study in Hungary!

Number of public Universities: 17

Number of private Universities: 45

Top University Cities: Debecren, Budapest, Szeged, Pecs, Miskolc  

Tutuion Fees: from 2500 to 18500 EUR

Estimate costs of living in Hungary per month

Monthly basics Lower range Upper range
Living Costs:
Rent: 110-350 EUR (room in 2bd apartment) 350-600 EUR (1bd apartment)
Utilities (varying monthly, depending on heating costs): 120 EUR 200 EUR
Internet & TV: 25 EUR 60 EUR
Phone: 20 EUR 50 EUR
Food: 125 EUR 190 EUR
Transportation: 30 EUR (public transportation pass) 120 EUR(Taxi: .85 EUR/km)
Laundry/toiletries: 35 EUR 50 EUR
Clothing: 70 EUR 130 EUR
Books, printing, photocopying: 30 EUR 65 EUR
Entertainment: 35 EUR 80 EUR
Total: 840 EUR 1545 EUR

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