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6.5 million


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110994 ​km2


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September - June

Study in Bulgaria Every time, thousands of people choose to study in Bulgaria. In the following, we give further information about Bulgarian universities, the courses they offer, their entry conditions and education freight. Also, we will help you understand what life in Bulgaria looks like and what the advantages of Bulgarian advanced education are! 

Why do people choose to study in Bulgaria?

let us tell you why Bulgaria might be the stylish choice for you!

There are numerous reasons why non-natives decide to apply for admission in Bulgaria, and some of them are the affordable living charges, education freights in the country, the lower entry conditions, and the internationally honoured warrants if you want to study abroad, but you're still wondering what country you should move to. 

High quality of advanced education in Bulgaria -

As a member of the European Union, Bulgaria offers great educational openings! Utmost universities offer externships, brand-new lot structures, and multiple mate universities where you can spend a semester abroad! We can help you apply for a university spot in Bulgaria – you must simply communicate with us and tell us what you're interested to study in Bulgaria. 

International​ diploma in Bulgaria -

Bulgaria has been a member country of the EU Union due to the fact of 2007. subsequently, if you choose to study in Bulgaria, your diploma is diagnosed across the world, which offers you many career opportunities after commencement. we've signed partnership agreements with numerous hospitals and businesses that provide internships, so you gain extra realistic information, productively enjoy your free time and earn some cash even as studying abroad!

Opportunities to travel in Bulgaria -

Because Bulgaria is not very large, the whole lot is without difficulty on hand in Bulgaria. whether you prefer to spend time inside the mountains or on stunning seashores, you may locate the whole thing here. And close to nearby. the space from one quit of Bulgaria. To the opposite is about 500 km, so you can quickly get to exciting sightseeing spots. The equal is going for touring inside towns – all of them have a nicely-developed public shipping community to get you from factor A to factor B. subsequently, Bulgaria has four primary international airports. if you examine Bulgaria, you have got the risk to enjoy your research to the fullest and plan trips every month!

Cost of living and education freights in Bulgaria –

The education freights in Bulgaria are relatively affordable! For illustration, medical scholars in Bulgaria pay around 4000 EUR per semester. As the academic time is about 10 months, you'll spend about 400 – 800 EUR per month on your education, depending on what study program you're enrolled in. Keep in mind that education freights are generally paid in two instalments. You can also look for openings to apply for a pupil loan in Bulgaria. Living costs in Bulgaria are veritably low, too! It won’t come as a surprise if you spend only 300 EUR a month on rent for an ultramodern apartment in the megacity centre. reflections in caffs are affordable as well – a three-course menu is about 15- 20 EUR per person.

Relief conditions in Bulgaria –

There are numerous effects to do in Bulgaria! First, there are numerous sports installations. This means that you'll be suitable to find a hobbyhorse that will keep you fit and healthy. Also, there are numerous premises and cafes in each Bulgarian megacity, so you can go out with your musketeers and snare a mug of coffee. There are numerous pupil societies grounded on common interests like football, books, and trades – it won’t take an important of your time to find people who like the same effects as you do! Travelling around Bulgaria is also a must-have – we've mountains, lakes, grottoes, falls, and the Black Sea seacoast is awful. Auto settlements and machine lift tickets are affordable, so you don’t have to spend many plutocrats exploring the country. We've made a detailed composition about pupil life in Bulgaria – check it out!

Study in Bulgaria Requirement –

Each university in Bulgaria has different entry requirements. However, you don't need to retain any Bulgarian language chops, but it's possible that your university schedule includes an introductory Bulgarian language course to help you communicate with locals If you study in English in Bulgaria. An important entry demand is to submit a set of operation documents – upkeep in mind that some of them must be restated and legalized. Eventually, you may have to sit an admission test. This is frequently the case for scholars in the field of medical wisdom. We've prepared a composition on how to apply for admission in Bulgaria – make sure you read it!

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Number of public Universities: 38

Number of private Universities: 5

Top University Cities: Sofia, Varna, Plovdiv, Blagoevgrad

Tutuion Fees:  from 3000 Euro to 15000 Euro

Estimate costs of living in Bulgaria per month

Monthly basics Lower range Upper range
Living Costs:
Rent: 300 EUR (room in 2bd apartment) 800 EUR (1bd apartment)
Utilities (varying monthly, depending on heating costs): 40 to 60 EUR 100 to 150 EUR
Internet & TV: 40 EUR 100 EUR
Phone: 30 EUR 80 EUR
Food: 250 EUR 400 EUR
Transportation: 40 EUR (public transportation pass) 150 EUR (Taxi: 3.20 EUR/km)
Laundry/toiletries: 20 EUR 60 EUR
Clothing: 150 EUR 250 EUR
Books, printing, photocopying: 20 EUR 40 EUR
Entertainment: 60 EUR 150 EUR
Total: 970 EUR 2180 EUR

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