Affordable Medicine Program in Europe


Every student deserves an opportunity to study in Switzerland or any place of their desire. If one remains on the budget and considers the beautiful continent of Europe, it definitely is the best choice one can make; after all, it is home to varied top universities of the world. One can even complete the degree here totally free of cost in some of the institutions, if they are willing to learn and be fluent in the local language. When it comes to making a wish to study medicine in the English language, as a student, you might be required to pay a small sum of tuition fees.

Irrespective of the medical institution you choose in Europe, it’s going to be cheaper than the ones in the United Kingdom and the United States. Apart from it, no compromise is made on the quality of education. Along with it, you also get a chance to explore the wonders around with the semester breaks. So, the choice is yours, and the chance is here. All you need to do is continue the read ahead and learn about some of the affordable and best universities for study in Switzerland.

Medical University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria

You can easily get a master’s degree in medicine from this University, and the professional qualification for physicians here is just 6 years if you are planning to choose to get admission to a University and specifically in Bulgaria.
Within the institution, you will be able to train yourself in clinical and pre-clinical disciplines at one of the 29 departments that the universities offer to the students. These departments vary from medical biology to endocrinology.
Here, the approximate tuition fees might vary based on the instruction medium chosen. To explain it better, 7000 Euros will be required to be paid if you are willing to learn in Bulgarian language and you will be required to pay 8000 Euros in case you plan to learn in English.

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University of Bari, Italy

Bari, it is the capital of the southern Italy Puglia region. It is one of the renowned medical schools that is known to offer the English curriculum, which is based upon the Bari English medical curriculum. The University offers a 6 years medical degree program, which is offered to both the European Union and non-European Union students at a very affordable cost.
According to alumni of the given program and the institute, the tuition fee to a student will be just as much as it might be for the other medical schools in Italy. All the public universities charge between 156 Euros to 2000 Euros every year based on the financial circumstances of the students, and this is what makes this University one of the cheapest medical schools for admission in abroad Universities.

Semmelweis University, Hungary

This University is located in Budapest, and it is known to offer a medicine program of 6 years which is taught entirely in English to around 4700 students. Of this number of students, around 55% of the same come looking for the best universities for study in Switzerland every year.

In just 12 semesters, the medical students can easily spend time on theoretical modules along with pre-clinical modules and clinical modules. They can do so before doing the internship at the University clinics or at accredited teaching hospitals. As for the tuition fees, the medicine program is known to charge 16300 every year. Now, this might be one of the costliest Universities of the provided 4 universities provided through the blog for admission in abroad universities, but this definitely is one of the best to consider for your future education.

Charles University, Czech Republic

This University has five facilities in total for medicine. In it, three of the same are from Prague, and one of the same is located in Pilsen, and one is located in Hradec Králové. Now all of these are the independent institutions that have set tuition fees and offer degree programs according to the requirements of the students, which in specific come in the English language. In general, no matter which of the best universities for study in Switzerland one chooses, all the medical courses come down to 6 years, and they always lead toward the master’s degree in Doctor of General Medicine.

The annual tuition fee for this University comes down to 450,000 Czech Korunas every year. This amount is for the first facility, and for the other three, the amount is in or around 400,000, and they are all known to offer the best education to all the students.

Final Words

If you are looking for admission in abroad Universities, you have already taken one step ahead, and you don’t seem to be lacking behind. So stop pushing yourself but do not forget that all universities come with a deadline. The best part of today’s world is that today you can easily receive help from the consultants and individuals who are out there helping students to achieve their goals and aims for being a part of a study in Switzerland program.

So, if you are one such student out they looking for motivation or a little help, make sure you connect with consultants like GroupL Education. With the help of professionals who have experience in the field, you will definitely be able to achieve your dream faster and do better in a short period of time. Do not give up, and make sure you seek help whenever you need it.